Ana as a COACH

Ana as a coach for INDIVIDUALS…

Do you wish to improve your professional practice, to think, be and/or behave differently but are not able to implement a change and don’t know where to start?

Do you feel at a crossroads, severely challenged, stuck or even trapped?

Or do you feel that something is not right in your personal or work life, without being able to clearly define your problem?

One of my key fields of expertise is to help you in all of those situations and:

  • Develop a clear sense about the direction you want to go and give you the confidence necessary to achieve your goals;
  • Increase your level of certainty in your professional and personal future;
  • Understand that you are a unique being with your own values and qualities;
  • Have a greater degree of self-knowledge and “self awareness” of your personality and behaviors;
  • Feel motivated and overcome procrastination;
  • Develop a sense of purpose and meaning of life.
  • and with all this together, expand your leadership abilities;

At the end of the coaching process you will be more confident in the success of your personal and professional goals. You will feel capable and focused, ready to overcome the various obstacles more easily.PCC

In my professional practice I act as Associated Coach for several organizations like Center for Creative Leadership (Singapore) , Lee Hecht Harrison, Melbourne Business School, among others. I am also part of the team of Neuroawareness Institute. 

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Ana as a GROUP Coach

I work with small groups applying coaching principles to facilitate group process. It can be a facilitation of a CEO Board, or a group coaching with mid management weekly meetings. I love to act as a group coach and to see how we arrive together to achieve organisational objectives while respecting individual goals and individuals personalities.

As a PCC certified coach I follow the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation.

Please select one of the following fields of expertise to know more how I can help you: Executive Coaching, Women’s Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching, Acculturation Coaching or Conflict Coaching.