Acculturation Coaching

vennAcculturation Coaching focuses on all the factors of a specific cultural change in which a leader has to acquire and internalize new skills. I will help you facilitate a smooth transition to your new function/location and obtain faster results, develop a better “cultural intelligence”, have a different perspective about uncertainty and change, develop strategies to learn and understand new values and needs and some resilience to the obstacles that might appear. Book an Acculturation Coaching session with me if you are :

  • An employee with new functions as expatriate;
  • An employee who is returning to her/his country of origin;
  • A Manager with responsibilities in a country which is new to you.

Contact me for a free initial interview: I will discuss with you to identify your needs and desires, to define clear coaching objectives as well as to review our respective expectations, roles and responsibilities.

Please select one of the following fields of expertise to know more how I can help you: Executive Coaching, Women’s Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching, Acculturation Coaching or Conflict Coaching.