Career Coaching

dream jobYour career has an enormous impact on your happiness: it is difficult to appreciate life as a whole when you do not like your job. Find the time to talk about what’s important to you; formulate a plan and be responsible for the options you chose. Career coaching is a structured coaching program that will ensure that you are developing your career using your full potential, and that will help you love what you do to earn your living.

Book a career coaching session with me to :

  • Clarify your career objectives;
  • Develop your leadership skills;
  • Understand how to change careers;
  • Build confidence in the job you currently have;
  • Develop your interpersonal skills;
  • Develop a “personal marketing plan”;
  • Improve your relationships at work;
  • Achieve career goals;
  • Overcome procrastination;
  • Manage a role change;
  • Better manage time;
  • Create a balance between career and personal life.

Contact me for a free initial interview: I will discuss with you to identify your needs and desires, to define clear coaching objectives as well as to review our respective expectations, roles and responsibilities.

Please select one of the following fields of expertise to know more how I can help you: Executive Coaching, Women’s Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching, Acculturation Coaching  or Conflict Coaching.