Conflict Coaching

conflictConflict occurs when people find that their values, their needs or their identity are being challenged, threatened or undermined. Conflict Coaching is a structured process, confidential and individual designed to develop conflict management skills and knowledge and manage interpersonal conflicts more effectively. Conflict Coaching assists the persons in developing new ways of managing their conflicts. Conflict Coaching detects, manages and gets the best out of the creativity that comes from differences in values, identities and needs of each individual, to create added value to the organization. It is adapted to all individuals who face a specific conflict situation and can be used preventively or reactively.

Preventive action:

  • In preparation for a situation perceived as bearing antagonism, to avoid shocks and resulting conflicts;
  • In preparation for facing situations considered as generating personal stress, in order to reduce the apprehension of the situation and develop  self-confidence;
  • In preparation for a difficult negotiation;
  • In preparing to conduct a meeting as if you were in situation (Skill Play) and managing emotions that could diminish your capacity of leadership.


  • To resolve an identified dispute;
  • To restore an interpersonal relationship.

I use in those coaching sessions the Conflict Dynamics Profile self-assessment instrument, which will give you a detailed map of your typical behavior in situation of conflict. Your confidential report will be the foundation of your personal development program that I will help you to implement.

Contact me for a free initial interview: I will discuss with you to identify your needs and desires, to define clear coaching objectives as well as to review our respective expectations, roles and responsibilities.

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