Executive Coaching

Do you want to improve your leadership skills?
Executive Coaching focuses on developing your management skills, whatever your function is. I can help you stimulating a holistic thinking in your team, building a unified team with “high individual performers” who often have conflicting priorities and agendas and/or better managing the expectations of internal and external stakeholders of the organization. This kind of coaching applies for instance to :

  • “High potentials” with plans for succession or new functions;
  • Leaders promoted to a first senior position;
  • Leaders who need to develop leadership skills in group;
  • Senior Leaders who already excel in their job but who want to continue their individual progress and reach a higher mastery level.

Contact me for a free initial interview: I will discuss with you to identify your needs and desires, to define clear coaching objectives as well as to review our respective expectations, roles and responsibilities.

Please select one of the following fields of expertise to know more how I can help you: Executive Coaching, Women’s Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching, Acculturation Coaching  or Conflict Coaching.