Here is what some of my clients had to say about their coaching experience with me:

With Ana as executive coach I gain in selfawareness in a way that allow me to grow as manager and as a man in a way that would never be possible without such help. Ana provided all the tools I need to understand the difference between how I see myself and how the other see me! I can now develop new behaviors that really give me positive results. I learn a skill for life!

Jeff Abrahams, Director, San Diego, January 2014

I’ve done this coaching program with Ana and I just gain a new way of looking about what I have in my life. All those things have always been there but I did not see them, I did not give any value to them! By challenging my beliefs, by clarifying my thinking’s about my daily life, by acknowledging my real values, by giving value to things that I already have, by being able to speak about all this with Ana it has transformed my life, and it has opened an infinite window to what is possible – just with what I have today and with whom I am today… Do I want to change more? That is on process.. maybe yes… maybe no… my coaching sessions with Ana were the best investment I have made with myself until now in my life. Thank you Ana!

Prefer to stay anonymous, I hope you understand. (but if you want me to speak with you please contact Ana, I will be glad to do it), March 2014

My coaching program with Ana was the best investment my company has done in me. With Ana I defined a professional development plan and I discussed it with my hierachie and within 8 months everything was much more clear for me: I knew what were my strenghts and when to apply them, I knew what were the situations where the level of stress becomes high and I learn how to manage them, I knew how to understand myself. The reflects of this in my job performance were just incredible – I jump in selfconfidence, I learn how to listen to the others instead of always talk or listen to myself and I just realized that I was ready to that promotion that I had! So, I can just say that Ana helped me discover what the best I have in me, and that was excellent for my job, and a new journey in my personal life.

John Stuart, Executive Manager, New York, July, 2013

2011 was a rough year for me. The year before, I had moved to a new country and taken a new job within my company. I was under a lot a pressure at work and without really noticing, I had lost control. Every week, once or twice, I came back from the office crying and asking myself what I had to prove and why I shouldn’t quit and go back to my country.
Work had become a nightmare. I had lost my confidence and I couldn’t deal with my overseas colleagues anymore.
In July, a friend of mine visited me and as soon as she arrived and asked me how I was, I started to cry. This was the moment I decided that it had to stop and as I was not a quitter, I needed some help. Two months later, I had my first session with Ana.

Together, we’ve worked to define my objectives and make an action plan to achieve them.
Our sessions were always great. Ana took time to listen to my issues, and always asked the right questions which allowed me to step back. We’ve focused on my strengths to help me progress on my weaknesses. She has helped me to regain my confidence and to enjoy my work again. Together, we’ve worked on my success keys, which still help me each time I feel the need. I’ve acquired some good reflexes.
I am now able to deal with my overseas colleagues again. I’m even able to joke with them.
In periods of high pressure, hence intense stress, I have now some techniques to prevent me from losing control again.
I am more aware of my needs, and I’m using my brain to control my emotions.
I couldn’t thank Ana enough.
If you are experiencing anything similar in your life, I’m confident that Ana will help you and will do a great job as she did with me.

Deborah Kuszner, Financial Manager, London, November 19th, 2012

Went I first spoke to Ana, I had just completed a course in Neuroawareness(TM). One of my goals at that time was to incorporate this new learning into other areas of my work practice. Ana helped me to identify clear, specific goals and to implement these on an effective manner. Since having these sessions with Ana I have continued to set clear goals and follow through with them. I would recommend Ana to anyone looking to identify or set goals or to brainstorm where they want to go with their career.

Anna Quinn, Mediator and Trainer, Auckland, New Zealand, 2011

Professionally I was at a stage where I had done a lot of workshops and seminars about mediator skills. I realised that I had come to a bit of a standstill in terms of ongoing professional and personal development and was wondering where to go next.
The Neuroawareness(TM) training has opened up a whole new way of practicing and a whole new understanding of how our brain works. As a result of my coaching with Ana I have been able to apply the Neuroawareness(TM) theory to mediation practice.

Coaching with Ana allowed me to explore some of those conscious and unconscious thoughts that I had, in a safe environment. I developed a better understanding of emotional situations, was able to assess them faster, and therefore was better able to manage the emotions in mediation. Ana also assisted me to process neuroscience academia and then apply the learning to the reality of mediation practice. As a result of Ana’s questioning, I carried out an informal bit of research on “Attentional blink” and what impact it had in mediation.

If you find yourself stuck in your practice Ana is great at getting you to unpack things and thinking about how you can prevent that situation happening again. She encourages you to work hard at self reflection in a positive and “future focused” way.

Fiona Buchan-Ng, Mediator and Trainer, Christchurch, New Zealand, 2011

Ana is more than a great coach – she is fantastic! The way she worked with me throughout my coaching program, “forcing” me to look at situations from different perspectives and find practical solutions to issues and obstacles, was crucial to the success of the program.

She was totally dedicated and involved (well beyond a “simple” follow-up), she communicated and conveyed confidence, positivism made me trust myself, my potential and my ability to improve.

Ana helped me to know myself better to find peace and self-confidence and consequently to improve my decision-making ability. It was crucial to my growth as a person.

I will carry this experience with me for the rest of my life and will be stronger to circumvent difficulties and face the most diverse situations.

Maria Pardal Monteiro, Marketing Manager, Lisbon, Portugal, 2011