Ana as a Mediator

LOGO-MEDIADOR CERTIFICADO MASTER-01I am an ICFML and a IMI accredited commercial mediator  and present of different international panels.

I am the founder and president of the Institute for Certification and Training of Portuguese-speaking Mediators (ICFML), a leading organisation in mediation in Brazil and Portugal and the first Portuguese organisation offering an IMI Qualifying Assessment Program in order to certify commercial mediators in Portuguese and today the biggest mediators panel in  Portuguese speaking world  Painel Portuguese Mediator.  With my rich experience in learning, practicing and teaching mediation worldwide, I believe I am prepared to mediate in a unique way. I have experience in cross-border disputes in Europe, Australia and the United States and I work with Portuguese universities in the fields of ADR, Mediation, Negotiation and ODR. I am very active across borders and cultures, and I focused my practice in recent years on the impact of online technology on the skills of ADR facilitators and mediators. Since 2015, I am the co-chair of the International Mediation Institute ODR taskforce and I co-authored several papers in the International Journal of Online Dispute Resolution. I am regularly invited as a guest speaker on panels about mediator standards and online mediation in international conferences such as the IBA 2019 Annual Conference in Seoul and the MANE Forum in 2019 in Singapore.  I also teach mediation and mediation advocacy courses  and I also teach online. Here the last project started in 2019  The Odr Pratitioner Certification Program.