Ana as a facilitator

I’ve done extensive training experience in the corporate world encompassing strategic negotiations, conflict resolution as well as amalgamating cultural diversity.

Also in Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR) related topics with outstanding capacity in influencing and inspiring sustainable change.

I am Multilingual, able to train and facilitate in Portuguese, French and English.

As corporate facilitator my core competences are: Conflict Management, Vertical Development, Talent Development, Leadership with application of positive psychology and neurobiology. I work closely with Neuroawareness institute.

In the mediation field I have experience in implementing International Mediation Centers and in defining the setup rules and procedures, code of ethics, in a multicultural environment. The ONG I founded in Brazil is here  and you can see what this work can look like. I also work with the European Academy of Law since 2013.

I  teach in Portugal, my native country! with the Universidade Católica do Porto since 2011 I teach mediation and conflict resolution related topics.

And since 2019, with Daniel Rainey we created the ODR Practitioners Certification Program – Learn How to Communicate Online. Our purpose is to create outstanding training and development experiences to empower all the participants to be  competent professionals online. It is a multilingual program where with human translators we give the ability to participants to interact in their native language with all the guests that are part of this program and that come from all over the world. Here the website in Portuguese. 

Although I love teaching, this activity is not the one I dedicate the most of my time. In ADR I decided to give one course per year, of 40 hours in Mediation and I do this with the UCP, always during the 3rd week of January. You can see some of the ambience of the course here. 

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